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罗杰 Roger Sinnett













I am very proud to welcome you to the St Bees School SJZ, where we are committed to making sure that every one of our students receive an outstanding International education, that allows them to achieve their personal goals. As we start our new school we are moving forward with great enthusiasm to build what we hope will be a wonderful school for our students and staff. 

We know that parents want the very best for their child – a school where they will achieve academic excellence as well as developing their fundamental social and life skills. I am delighted to have the privilege of leading The St Bees School, because the school’s values align with my personal belief and experiences that the power of education can change lives. 

Our Vision for St Bees is a student-centered community fostering academic and personal excellence, critical and creative thought and an entrepreneurial spirit, combining international perspectives and Chinese heritage. We educate our students to achieve to their full potential in intellect, character and leadership, with respect and understanding of their Chinese culture, within an International school setting. We say “The best of the west in fusion with the best of the east!”

We will nurture and encourage our students to eventually seek opportunities for higher education in prestigious universities overseas, which will enable them to further develop their potential and achieve their dreams Furthermore; we aim to empower our students to become Ambassadors for China in whatever global setting they will live and work in the future. They will also become role models and support the development of China into an even greater nation with a global, international and entrepreneurial perspective on making change happen with drive and resilience. 

Our overriding ambition is to ensure outstanding achievement with great Character development. For every student we aim to maximise potential through high aspirations and expectations. High quality teaching using Cambridge resources with other suitable resources, from various sources and within a safe, caring and disciplined environment allows our students to flourish. 

I hope that eventually every one of our students leave as responsible and qualified adults; able to lead others by holding true to our values and becoming the best that they can be in a global setting.

Thank you.

罗杰  Roger Sinnett

St Bees Representative in China