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【回顾】石家庄圣比斯学校建校一周年论坛暨暑期校园开放日圆满结束!Fantastic Open Day.



With the arrival of St Bees School in SJZ, it has brought more education chances and school choices to students and parents. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the school, the Open Day was successfully held on July 24th!



A St Bees alumnus share life abroad




Known as "Britain's Time-honored school", St Bees has produced Mr. Bean, British Secretary of State Joseph William and many other outstanding talents. In fact, British public schools were set up in the early days for the children of the royal family and aristocrats, and have a history of more than 400 years. With the development of the times, these schools, on the basis of maintaining the traditional aristocratic education unique of Britain, have also integrated modern educational concepts and advanced educational equipment, providing a very high level of elite education, which is the first choice of wealthy families.





Mark, a PhD student at the University of Bath, shared his thoughts on studying at St Bees. He said: “St Bees was a turning point for me. It was my second home.” Professional teachers and enthusiastic students gave him a lot of care and help. In St Bees, he learned self-confidence, self-improvement, independence, grit, more valuable achievements are rooted in the heart of cultivation and kindness for others. He said: “It's hard to imagine who I am today without St Bees. The qualities that St Bees has given me have been with me for the rest of my life.”




A fusion curriculum




The atmosphere of the Open Day was as warm as the summer sun, and more than 200 people came as scheduled. The integrated curriculum carefully prepared by school teachers inspired children deeply. English drama can help children learn English naturally in role play and exercise self-expression in performance. Maker education, help children to learn scientific principles to exercise the ability of cooperation. Creative art, let the children feel the fun of English and art class with drawing.





Our bus shop has a wide range of gifts, many children stop to watch. Want a gift? Not with money, but with St Bees coins. Flying chess, throwing pot, fun parent-child games make teaching vivid. Through this kind of situational teaching, we let the children feel the use of money in life in the game, feel money is not easily come by, so that they know that there is a return to pay. Such activities can not only consolidate arithmetic ability, but also exercise mathematical thinking and logic skills, helping children better understand and enter the future real world.




Education concept&Teaching highlights



Strong Faculty, Global twin Campus


石家庄圣比斯学校的管理由英国圣比斯的核心领导,以及教育领域权威的管理团队直接参与。毕业于剑桥的Mr. Sinnett和毕业于牛津的Mr. Todd有着20多年的国际教育经验,为石家庄校区的发展指导助力。我们更有强大的专家团队做后盾,比如剑桥市市长Gerri Bird、前英国国家英语协会首席执行官Tony Millns。我们依靠自身中英两国强大的师资队伍,致力为学生提供中英双语平衡发展的学习环境和体系。


The management of St Bees School SJZ is led by the core leadership of St Bees UK, with the full participation of an authoritative management team in the education field. Mr. Sinnett, who graduated from Cambridge, and Mr. Todd, who graduated from Oxford, have more than 20 years of experience in international education and have helped guide the development of SJZ campus. We are backed by experts such as Gerri Bird, the mayor of Cambridge, and Tony Millns, the former chief executive of the National English Council. We are committed to providing a balanced learning environment and system for our students based on our strong Chinese and British teaching staff.

▲Mr. Sinnett

▼Mr. Todd




In terms of the campus management system, the two campuses are in the same line and are integrated. St Bees SJZ is jointly managed by the Chinese principal with rich experience in international school management and the representative of St Bees UK in China.




As a member of St Bees World Campuses, St Bees SJZ has extensive and close cooperation with St Bees UK, not only on campus, teachers, courses, etc., but also on students’ cross campus learning.





St Bees School is the first accredited Cambridge International School in the provincial capital. we provide a fusion curriculum and we aim to cultivate elite talents with a global vision.




Bilingual teaching&Scholarship program




Our bilingual teaching atmosphere, encourages students to communicate and think in English, guides students to study actively, and cultivates students' ability of discovery and critical thinking. Our OMO course, through the distance education network system, enables teachers and students in the UK campus to interact with students in SJZ school in real time, and leads every student into the real British classroom.



University guidance&Supporting services



Education experts sharing session




We will regularly invite admissions officers, professors from QS TOP100 universities to share with us, to expand the depth and breadth of students' learning and communication outside the classroom. We will establish a profile for each student, conduct personality test and interest exploration, and provide tailored professional choices and college planning services for each student, so as to help students get offers from world famous universities.




校园餐饮 Campus Catering




We provide perfect, secure, quality meals for our students. Campus catering is provided by Caiju, having served Shanghai Bao Yugang Experimental School, etc. It has rich experience in international campus operation and management, and provides excellent catering service standards.



校车服务 School Bus Service




Our school bus is a dedicated school bus for primary and middle school students. All the school buses have the corresponding qualifications, licensed drivers, support teachers on every journey, and weekly vehicle maintenance checks. All this ensures the safety of our students.


我们的校车提供东西两条线路,满足学生和家长的需求。每一辆校车都配备安全带、监控摄像头、自动灭火器 、安全报警装置、医药箱等装置,为学生和家长提供安全、全程无忧的服务。


We provide two bue lines to satisfy students’ demand. Every school bus is equipped with Seatbelts, Security cameras, Fire extinguishers, Safety alarm device, Medicine cabinet, etc, providing safety service.